"Ernie" has some thoughts on big business and big government.

"I was/am a staunch believer in Ronald Reagan.  Most likely the last full-blooded pro-American we'll ever have as president.  I only had one disagreement with his administration and that was the unusually large number of corporate mergers and aquisitions that took place during his reign.  At the end of his 2nd term I made the statement to a friend of mine that I hoped the Reagan administration's legacy wouldn't be for these "giant builder" mergers.  I just didn't think they were in the best interest of the nation.

"Are we really better off with Exxon as opposed to Esso, Mobil, Conoco, Gulf, Texaco, Sinclair, etc.?  As a proponent of the free enterprise system which made us the wealthiest, strongest country in the history of the world, it hurts me to be critical of any part of American commerce.  But Obama's attempted take-over makes me look seriously for alternative solutions that comply with capitalistic standards.  

"Today, when I look at how "big oil", 'big pharmaceutical", "big banks" and others, have taken over ownership of the government, I fear my concerns were merited.  They became so big and wealthy that they could buy any senator or congressman they wanted to buy in order to assure that their wants and demands were satisfied.  Greed became the order of the day.  During the bail-outs it was said that the companies involved were "too big to fail".  It appears the statement was correct.  The government moved in (by design) and took over management (if not ownership) of Chrysler, GM, AIG and numerous other major players in the market (such as health care).  In order to save these "golden geese" our future, our form of government and our way of life have been mortgaged for decades...perhaps to the point of national bankruptcy and collapse.  

"Now, by nationalizing "big" business, the US becomes a Marxist form of government and the politicians that now run every aspect of the economy have guaranteed themselves a one-party system that assures they will stay in power for as long as they want, or until the country collapses, whichever comes first.  The far left appears to have won.  They will preserve this victory by silencing  all who oppose them, by starting a nation-wide indoctrination of our youth and by controlling every aspect of our lives through national health care.   "Our president has been well schooled in forming and running a Marxist form of government.  Just look at who his friends and mentors are.  If that doesn't convince you, look at the "czars" he's installed with unlimited, unconstitutional powers.  People who are self-avowed communists, Maoists, revolutionaries, racists anti-Americans bent on destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and "reforming" America in their own image.  

"I can't help but wonder how "Barry" dropped out of a small college in California, then traveled to Indonesia, Pakistan and other Muslim nations before coming back as "Barack Hussein Obama" and enrolling in an ivy league school where he would set his sights on becoming a major politician.  Where did the money come from for all that?   "In my limited expertise on business and economics, it seems to me instead of (short of impeaching Obama and every last senator and congressman) bankrupting the country via bail-outs, we'd be better off to break up the "big" corporations and let capitalism go back to work."