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December 29, 2010


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Is it Too Late to Repeal ObamaCare?

No, it's too early. Repeal is impossible with the current makeup of the Senate and with Obama as POTUS. We must aim at stopping it financially and bureaucratically until 2012. If we don't get a Republican elected POTUS it will never happen and it's implementation will cause unemployment to skyrocket as a deeper recession sets in. We've only seen small glimpses of how horribly this monster will cripple this nation's financial core!

The democrat's claims of giving 32 million people health care is a lie, just like all the rest of the Obamacare propaganda. Republicans need to stop being so polite - call a lie a lie and a liar a liar! Do the math and say it like it is...to the public, loud and often!


Shutting off funding for this and other Obama give-away programs is the only realistic attack at this juncture. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the new congress will have the guts, intelligence and a true sense of patriotic duty to start us down the road to derailing the Socialists plans for destroying the USA. I'm nervously hopeful, but not terribly optimistic. For example, look what's happened to Scott Brown already. To get these things repealed we need to oust Obama, Snow, Collins, Reid, Pelosi and all other anti-Americans.


When I first heard the new House would work on defunding Obamacare I initially thought it was a good – no, make that excellent - idea. Now after learning more and giving the idea more consideration I believe it would not be the best of tactics. I suspect Dems are now salivating over the thought of attempted defunding. Every liberal campaigning for election, every liberal media outlet, every liberal political action group and every union, to name a few, would use defunding to their advantage. It would be used as yet another tool to show once again the horrific atrocities against Americans Republicans are continually accused of.

With the Campaigner–In–Chief starting once again another two year campaign the new House will be the basis for two more years of “change” rhetoric with opposition to Obamacare at the top of his list of lies.


We can expect an all-out assault from Hollywood, mainstream media, Soros-type groups, unions and far left liberals everywhere spewing forth their venom, lies, unsubstantiated accusations and name calling. That's nothing new and it isn't going to go away. What the GOP must do is develop an effective strategy for combating the assaults. Something they've not been able to do since Reagan left office.

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