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December 26, 2010


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The big question is: Can these assaults on Christianity be stemmed in the U.S.? If so, what will it take?

Yes, the assaults can be stemmed. Like the conservatives of the Tea Party stepped up and are now positioned to substantially curtail government spending, Christians could step up to curtail anti-Christian acts. The problem is getting Christians to STEP UP. Many Christians think that to step up and confront their enemies would be a betrayal of their core beliefs, like "Love thy neighbor" and "Turn the other cheek" etc. They think it would be hypocritical to be confrontational. Some denominations have elected practicing homosexuals to leadership positions in the Church. In others their leaders have been exposed in sex scandals. That is seen by others as hypocritical, even heretical. It erodes faith in and respect for Christians in general. Such things adversely affect the political influence of Christians with city, state and federal governments and have a lightning rod effect on Christian events, icons and religious practices.

The conservatives were willing to organize (Tea Party), strategize (team with Republicans) and fight (get out the vote). If Christians aren't willing to do the same, then they will continue to be mocked, denigrated, and shrink in their numbers. Self pity will not win the day. Talk of glories of the past will not sway. Christians must put their denominational differences aside and band together as one to be effective. But FIRST they must have faith in Christ and be willing to live by the teachings of the Bible in order to regain their lost credibility and the respect of the public at large. Hypocrisy is their greatest enemy!


Well said Rook. I'm not optimistic about the future of Christianity. I wouldn't have ever imagined that the Crystal Cathedral would go broke. They will have to become more politically organized, and we're going to have to start fighting back against TV stations who follow an anti-Christian agenda.


The assault began many years ago and has gradually picked up speed as liberalism/progressiveism gains strength. It won't be long until our ministers will be threatened with arrest if they preach against abortion, same sex marriage, gays in the military, the treachery of Islam, or against secularism in general.

If you're not familiar with the ACLJ (American Center for Law & Justice) it would behoove you to check it out. This organization actively fights against this assault all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. By the way, I've read the book and I know how this "war" ends. It's all the pain and agony during the interim that worries me.

Shox R4

We realize the true worth of happiness when we are in sorrow.

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