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March 03, 2011


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Perhaps the New Black Panther "security" patrol outside the Philadelphia polling place in 2008 was a preview of the CNSF. That's what Eric Holder leads me to believe.


I don't see CNSF becoming a serious force. Obama is a slick talker, but he's not a tactical thinker or military strategist. And he continues to surround himself with unprofessional and incompetent advisers and czars. From a military or security perspective we have nothing to fear from the likes of Andy Stern or union thug Richard Trumca. They may be able to rabble rouse using political allies like moveon.org or Organizing for America, but I didn't see anything like military planning or precision in their handling of the Wisconsin protests. It was all just typical union thuggery. As for the youth movement, that's practically an oxymoron since the advent of Wii, iPhone, Twitter and Facebook. If they want mission focused, energetic youth they better bring back the draft. The CNSF is Obama's pipe dream!


I think his secret army is the mainstream media.


Gunny: There are riots in the streets of mideast, Europe, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana and elsewhere, all manned by revolutionaries and union thugs (primarily) and cheered on by our pseudo-president and media. Even Farrakhan points to these riots and eagerly declares, "it's all coming to America". But, nothing to worry about. It's all Obama's pipe dream, right?

Gary Anderson

Class warfare has always operated from the top down. The industrial revolution saw to that. If anything, we have a financial cabal that rules the world, that causes housing bubbles, drives up the price of goods and gasoline, and keeps main street down. Class warfare is from the top down.

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