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July 30, 2012


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As a once avid sports fan, I have to admit that the sports world has gone insane. Steroids, bribes, illegal recruiting, multimillion dollar contracts for illiterate inner city thugs to play a kids game...and on and on. College players coming from poverty driving Escalades, wearing thousands of dollars in jewelry (bling), covered in tattoos, body piercing and asssorted freakness. Clothing companies charging ungodly prices for their apparel so they can continue to pay for TV time and bonuses for athletes, schools and coaches. As for me, I no longer watch much sports. Maybe golf, cause at least you have to play well to make any money, and of course, Cubs games.


It's bad enough that the athletics of most colleges is corrupt, undisciplined, and in some cases downright criminal. That's bad enough but they're also turning our young minds into liberal progressive socialists. They believe in diversity of most everything except political thought. There you have to be so far left you can't even see home plate from there. Tenure is hard to come by for conservative professors. Personally, I'd like to see them correct both fraudulent enterprises at the same time. Think it'll happen?

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