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September 11, 2016


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When has she ever done anything that is a service to her country?


I feel sorry for her. Does that mean she should drop out of the race? She's waited so long and tried everything to get elected.


There is no way to prove it. Hillary will just keep lying and denying, and since medical records are protected by federal law we can't get at the truth.


She's waited a long time to be president, and has done anything and everything (illegal) to reach her goal. I feel sorry for anyone suffering from a debilitating disease. I feel even sorrier for the mountain of victims left in her wake as she's pursued her quest. She would have been in jail long ago if the star witness against her hadn't died mysteriously while waiting in jail, joining scads of others in her life who died mysteriously. It's joked that she knows more people who have died mysteriously than Al Capone. But I'm sure that's just a rude, right wing conspiracy joke, aren't you? Hello?


HRC may have known more people who died mysteriously than Al Capone, but not nearly as many as Lyndon Johnson knew.


If Bloody Hillary, Queen of Benghazi, were a republican the main stream media would be relentless in demanding her removal. But our media is doing everything in it's power to cover up for her, divert news coverage, or drop it altogether. ie, dems are now demanding the the DOJ order the FBI to investigate the Trump Foundation. Yeah, the same DOJ who refused to let the FBI investigate the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

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