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December 27, 2016


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Today's youth has not been taught anything about the exceptionalism that has inspired Americans since the settlers first set foot on American soil. They tend to feel that the innovativeness, the hard work, the difficulties, the wars we fought to save the country and the many sacrifices made was owed to them so they could live a life of luxury. In 1900 people traveled by horse and buggy. By 2000 we've been to the moon and have space stations circling the planet. That is a fantastic legacy for the generations long gone and no longer respected, appreciated nor taught to our school children. No, today they're taught about how our constitution, economic system, and form of gov't are responsible for all the ills of the world. That "white America" is a racist, bigoted country who won't even welcome people who promote homosexual marriages, transgender bathrooms, abortions, and other new age subculture idiocy.


We allowed the radicals of the 1960's to take over our schools and universities. They "dumbed down" our youth, year after year, bit by bit, until exceptionalism became a myth from the distant past and the sacrifices "greatest generation" have lost meaning. They whine that we have lost a couple thousand troops in a decade of fighting terrorism. They know nothing of the thousand airmen per DAY lost over Europe during WWII. Of the tens of thousands of troops we lost in a DAY invading France at Normandy and Japan at Iwo Jima and Okinawa. They are ignorant because we allowed it by lazy parenting, focusing instead on "keeping up with the Jones's" or the sexual revolution. We actually are "the deplorables" and we should be ashamed that our children are ignorant of our history and traditions. But if enough people wake up and realize what's happened, there still may be hope. Who knows, we may even elect a reformer like Donald Trump as our President. Oh, I forgot, WE DID!


Bill Clinton did more to destroy presidential credibility than Johnson and Nixon combined. He outright lied to a Grand Jury, committing perjury while in office. But his superior intelligence combined with Southern charm, would keep him in office and out of prison. Too bad, because his corruption served as a model for Hillary. Lie and laugh, lie and laugh. What a team.

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It looks like the Russians have landed on this blog. Too bad!

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