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January 28, 2017


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My wife was born, raised and educated in east Europe, and still chats with long time friends on the net who still live there. The consensus of her friends is (1) they don't like Trump; (2) they can't believe he won; and (3) they think he will be bad for the European economy and NATO. Just shows how far to the left Euro is, or at least how far left their media is. I hope that within 4 years their opinions will change dramatically. And for good reason.


It may be decades before we know the full extent of damage done to this nation by Clinton and Obama. More is discovered each day. Today, for instance, it was discovered that Obama has agreed to take 1,600 refugees in Australia that they don't want to keep. In other words, they had failed the vetting, so Australia wants to dump them on us and Obama agreed to accept them. I'm sure when Clinton was Secretary of State she went along with these ridiculous kinds of deals. Anything to please another country at our expense.

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