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January 16, 2017


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The RCMP are much more competent and cooperative than the Mexican Federales, so that should provide some mitigation of the Northern threat. But the land areas and coastline are a major obstacle to border security. We're going to need manpower, and lots of it, to even have minimal security. General Kelly has his work cut out for him. His 2017 budget request will be around 50% more than 2016. I sure hope the economy gets the kick start they're expecting. Maybe we could put the Army troops Trump wants to bring home from Germany on our Northern border and spread them out. They could provide valuable assisstance to the Border Patrol.


Good article. Why no attribution?


Wow, I never thought of that. It's scary that we don't seem to have defenses up North because the Canadians were pretty reliable. What on Earth is wrong with Trudeau? I don't think his Dad was this kind of mush brain.


Used to be a beautiful drive crossing the border at Blaine, WA – The Peace Arch. Pass White Rock and enter lush farm and pasture land. Then one day off Hwy 99 just north of the Fraser River a mosque appeared. A big mosque that grew bigger. Then to the east (of course) of that mosque another appeared – then another. Take a look at a Google map of the area and type in “mosque”. Crescents appear in a line not too far north and parallel to the border. Stretches over to the last significant border crossing between WA and BC. Strategy? Nah, simple coincidence. Only a deplorable would think strategy.

Mounties addressing the border. Not their bailiwick. Besides, Mounties are too busy hiding from very nasty organized crime controlled by Hell’s Angels along the border – Canada wide. Canada has a dedicated border protection agency - Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Only been about a decade CBSA has been armed. Before then they were under orders to lock their booths at the border and duck and cover if something drastic happened. Also – I cross my heart – orders to run if need be. But wait – THERE’S MORE! Want to join CBSA? Citizenship not required!!

Neither the US or Canada likes to talk about Asian organized crime controlling human smuggling across the border. And the trails run north to south. Reminds me of the scene from “Legends of the Fall” when Brad Pitt and cohorts come across the border with their pack train loaded with prohibited hooch. Different day – different commodity.


Very interesting 98101, but not very comforting. We build an impenetrable wall on the southern border that's no reason to feel like problem solved. Especially in regards to Islamic savages. Face it, we 're under assault just like Europe and their cousins in Canada.

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