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January 22, 2017


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Except for peace thru strength; defeat Islamic terrorism; rebuilding our military; foreign policy based on American interests; making old enemies new friends, sounds just like Obama.


If Trump follows through it will result in a complete turnaround, from Obama back to Reagan. It feels good to have a POTUS that's not afraid to lead from the front. Even if he errs occasionally at least he'll be in front and taking the heat, instead of hiding on the golf course or running away to Hawaii.


It's sad that these common sense priorities must be explained in a memo to the State Department employees, but they've all been using different priorities for the last eight years. Polar opposite priorities. America last in the world pecking order, hiding behind our few remaining allies. What a shame on the American people for keeping Obama in office for a second term, knowing what he is. We deserved to lose what we lost. Now we get it back with interest!


The irony to me is Carrier, Ford, repealing and replacing ObamaCare, foreign investment in America, Keystone pipeline, plans to bring mftg back to the US and all the other accomplishments credited to Trump over the past few weeks are all things that could have been done during the wasted, anti-American 8 years of Emir Hussein's administration.

Jane F.

I see tha Capitalist's greed in there, but where is the compassion? Charity? Love?

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