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February 06, 2017


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This current attack by the federal judge in the Northwest shows how politicized the courts have become in liberal areas. The decisions are in stark contrast to those made in red states, showing a polarization that will be difficult to root out. And they make life miserable for business and conservative people who come before them as litigants. Lifetime appointments aren't a good idea for ANY position, but for a judge it creates a petty tyrant.


I recently saw a photo of a trash dumpster ull of trash and garbage. Mixed in at the top was an Obama "Hope" poster from 2008. A perfect metaphor for Obama's legacy, which is being relagated to the trash heap of history. Obama did more damage to the USA in eight years than 10,000 terrorists could possibly have done in the same time. He is so skilled as a con man that after the first four years of horrible anti-American foreign policy and anti-law enforcement domestic policy, more than half the voters re-elected him POTUS. Was that his oratorical skill, or the monumental ignorance of those voters? Maybe a little of both?


Echoing Gunny's comments about federal judiciary did anyone listen to the appeal of the Western Washington District Court decision before the 9th Circuit today?

Judge Friedland, Obama's appointee, did a great job arguing for the States of Washington and Minnesota. Appeals courts judges exposing their views from the bench during an appeal is nothing new however her display is yet another example of Obama's considerable contamination of federal judiciary.


It seems the entire gov't has followed the political left into the abyss of disgrace and corruption. I suggest Pres Trump change "drain the swamp" to "pump out the septic tank". Much more appropriate.


A few GOP Senators have proposed splitting the 9th court, creating a new 12th Court of Appeals. Under their plan the Peoples Republics of WA, CA, OR would remain in the 9th Circus Court. Makes perfect sense. More info on the Fox app.


Wouldn't you know that the 2-bit community organizer's response to all these protests was to applaud the protestors and encourage them to keep it up as long as the GOP was in the majority.


Obama's legacy is the democratic party in shambles, the GOP stronger than ever and a resilient Capitalist America that will come back quickly to demonstrate just how bad his leadership has been. Clinton being beaten by Trump has sent a tsunami-like shock wave through the very core of the radical left, instantly causing confusion, dismay, depression and - in many cases - insanity. The insane are currently on display at Congressional hearings and on the nightly news, as talking heads lose their thread of thought and resort to rote anti-Trump dialogue. Obama also left the Clintons in a bind by not pardoning Hillary. Now the Arabs are all demanding their millions back "or else".


You give yourself way too much credit Jane

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