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February 03, 2017


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Your last paragraph pretty well sums up today's "under 40" Americans. How many millennials would actually take up arms and fight to defend the US from hostile invading forces? I don't know. How many Midwestern and southern young white men are there?


The acceptance of the Islamic invasion of EU, Canada and the US is beyond belief. Millennials are now as large a group as Boomers which does not bode well for our future. Is this younger group brainwashed by Marxist educators/entertainers/newscasters, or are they so dumbed down that they can't see what Islam has been actively doing for the past 1400 years? How can they justify an Islamic takeover at the expense of democracy? Don't they know that an Islamic power base in this country spells death to them and all others who would dare to protest their authority?

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