March 21, 2017


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You are right on point. Islam is not a religion, it is an ideology. An ideology that is determined to abolish all other ideologies and religions. But Americans are complicit in their own potential demise by granting Islam the constitutional protections inherent in calling it a religion. How do you defeat an enemy that is afforded constitutional protection?

Unless our well meaning but apathetic, oblivious populace wises up and recognizes the threat, this nation is doomed. That would surely doom the rest of the world.

Those of us who understand the threat and try to warn others are ignorantly branded as paranoid haters. By the time it becomes readily apparent what Islam really is, it may be too late.


Posted last night - validated in London today.


They live among us and you can't tell the peaceful from the violent Muslim until they start shooting, or stabbing, or running people over with cars or trucks, or detonating bombs. Their culture is not compatible with western civilization. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to assess the problem here. Instead of a 401k to protect your future, invest in guns and ammo because it's only going to get worse and law enforcement's hands are tied by PC.


The Qur'an is a manual for degradation of women, violence and world domination. It's not truly a religion. Anyone here who believes in it should be deported. No one who believes in it should be allowed into this country. Political correctness be damned, it's just an excuse for the incompetence and failures of past leaders like Obama and Bush 43.

Father Mulvaney

Islam is a hateful ideology that does not deserve to be validated as a religion by Western cultures or peoples.


By the time the millennials and other knowledge challenged liberals figure it out, it'll be too late.

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