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March 16, 2017


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Makes me think back to when I was a kid. Post WWII retread tires were common. My dad, like many others, would replace one tire on the car at a time. Retreads really weren’t that good and it was a vicious cycle of never ending replacement.

Eventually Dad was able to buy a set of new four tires and the car rolled along smoothly.


This post should be forwarded to every rep and senator so they get the message.


What happens with this will determine the fate of the Republican Party. It may result in the birth of an entirely new party akin to the TEA Party.


Ruwanna is right, but I'd go one step further. The GOP is terminal with minimal chance of survival. The GOP in DC, sans the Freedom Caucus, are all liberal progressive socialists. Alinsky was right. Control healthcare and you control the people AND the power. Having that much power is just as enticing to the GOP as it is the Marxist democrats. The fight between them is which party gets to reap the benefits of a federally controlled healthcare system. Has absolutely nothing to do with what they campaigned on, nor what's best for the people.


Ryan prepared the "amended" Obamacare bill in secret with his fellow RINOs. Now he has been outed as the impotent speaker he is and always will be - a true Wisconsin liberal. Before the House takes another shot at legislating they should elect a new Speaker, preferably a true conservative. They can still REPEAL Obamacare this year and save their jobs. Otherwise it'll be a bloodbath at the midterms.

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