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April 26, 2017


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Legion, how dare you speak truth at the Duh Generation. To quote Jack Nicholson's Marine Colonel movie character, "They can't handle the truth!"


It's obvious why people keep sneaking into the U.S., it's the best country in the world if you want to be free. That's also why much of the world is trying to tear us down. Out of envy? Out of fear that freedom will spread? Because we're all infidels? Take your pick, but be ready to defend what you have and safeguard your family and friends.


Immigrants come to America for the promise of freedom, pursuit of happiness and prosperity. Makes me wonder why we shouldn't invest time and money to helping their homelands move towards a more republic form of government instead of all their people flooding into our country destroying our culture, economy and peace. Oh yeah, cause then the left would accuse us of colonialism and "nation building". To them it's much better for us to collapse than be accused of such "tyranny".


The 3rd world despots are so far left you'd think they were educated in a major American university.


I disagree, Legion. Kids are not taught in school that socialism is utopia. No, it's more subtle than that. They are taught that liberal thinking and the democratic party are utopia, but they're not told that the democratic party IS socialism today. But the college kids know and that's why they turned out in millions for Bernie Sanders.One thing you have to give Bernie, he's not subtle. He shouts what he stands for and millions were ready to follow him to utopia. He is the Piper and they are the rats. Good riddance!


Can't wait to sit back tomorrow with a big bag of popcorn and an RC Cola watching the annual May Day riots - I mean ¡CELEBRATION! of "immigrants and workers rights" here in Seattle.......


Ah, May Day and the Socialist Workers Party's (AFSCME) rank and file - all fired up by Trump Fever - will lead the parade of morons as they break things, burn, pillage and assault Trump supporters and police officers. Some are teachers, union reps, bus drivers, garbage collectors, mixed in with young thrill-seeking idiots and outright criminals. They celebrate their freedom of speech and right of assembly while denigrating those who defend their freedom. All are democrats suffering from the democrat's epidemic of cognitive dissonance and Trump Dissociation Obsession (TDO).


And we must not forget Peter that during the anti-Milo riot at University of Washington 20 Jan a professional Wobbly, who incited an attack of a bystander, was shot and is now the victim. Ahhh - Berkeley North.

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