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April 10, 2017


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Ah yes, Lincoln. Your post gives us hope that Trump will come thru. I don't think he (who's long had very good friends on both sides of the aisle) ever dreamed he'd meet this kind of subversive far left warfare/opposition. And not just the anti- Democratic Party, but media, Hollywood, education, black terrorists, etc. Unbelievable! Abe won over most of his opposition, but it took a terrible war to do it. If Trump can't "make America great again", I can't imagine there's anyone else who can save us from destruction. Time is running out.


I'll bet when those hate filled democrats were taking his "campaign contributions" they were all smiles, back slapping pals and big supporters of him and his success. They were happy to stay in his hotels, take rides on the Trump jet, and play his golf courses......all at no charge., of course.


If Trump was playing his cards right, Ernie, he's got something on every one of them.

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