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May 23, 2017


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What Ernie lays out is, I'll say it again, methodology straight out of "Rules For Radicals". Until such time conservative media (along with politicians and their supporters) wise up and develop a strategy for countering "Rules" there won't be improvement.

If I could post a .gif here it would be one of a dog chasing its tail. That, in my mind, portrays the likes of Hannity being sucked in and responding with the usual shouting that accomplishes little, if anything at all.


I'm not a big Hannity fan at all, but if the left hates him and wants him out I'll have to at least support his conservative views to stay on the air.


Have to add another thought. Came to me a while back and my memory was jogged reading this morning's news.

Fox is destroying itself from inside out. Started noticing something was different when Daddy Murdoch took up with former rock band groupie Jerry Hall. Hall is known for her liberal leaning causes. Guess the old boy had to go along to get along.

Now I read his two spawn have similar situations with their wives. Seems the wives lean the way of their step-mother-in-law.

It's time to revisit that short-rumored new conservative TV (and radio) network that was hoped for when Ailes was booted.


Now Jenna Lee has left Fox suddenly, with no prior warning. Jenna is a conservative role model for women. Who will be next?

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