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May 18, 2017


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These events don't show bias by the press as much as they show bias by our and corruption federal government. Where was the FBI? Where was the Justice Department? Where were our Congress members when all this corruption was ongoing? Who of all these officials had the courage to stand up against the corruption? But the path of least resistance is always to do nothing. American courage is found on the battlefields, be they foreign or our own city streets, not in the halls of laws and justice. Life's biggest mystery is how do they shave or put on makeup.....


Double standard? You bet. The media covering up others? Not really. Simple bias? Not really.

Media is part of a well thought out, wide, deep-seeded and far-reaching cabal guided by Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. The salient points of “Rules” tell what’s going on at this minute and minutes soon to come. It’s all there in black and white within the thirteen rules.

The Trump camp needs to read the rules and keep them at their sides – especially Trump himself. Cut out the tweets. Don’t take the podium at an academy graduation and display thin skin going on about one’s persecution and mistreatment. Stop going on talk shows droning about mistreatment. Toss the broken record on talk shows using adjectives like big, great and wonderful while prognosticating about things to come. That’s a chicken in every pot talk. Talk about what’s been accomplished and the results and where all that’s going. Conservative talking heads hosting these interviews and repeatedly shouting about mistreatment and what others have done or do aren’t going to solve a thing. Stop releasing the hounds on the media - hounds who all too often stumble and pick at the sore – not healing the wound. Those dogs don't hunt.

The whole camp needs to collectively read “Rules” and develop a strategy from that. Then, and very likely only then, will Trump and his camp be able to perform like George C. Scott in “Patton” and stand far back with binoculars on a ridge joyously gaining ground while shouting something like “You bastards – WE READ ALINSKY’S BOOK!”

Keep on the same path and it will lead to a slippery cliff over a bottomless pit.


If Trump had a lawyer worthy of the title he would be telling Trump "Shut up." Enough with the tweets. Talk about goals and accomplishments, period. Bash the NOKOs and ISIL, not other Americans. Follow up this trip to the Middle East with a tour of Europe and the Balkans. Just stay out of town for an extended period.


Trump tweets & thin skinned speeches keep feeding the brain dead left with ammunition to be used on himself. The media hates you Mr Trump! Get over it! You've got an agenda you promised to the people who voted for you. Immerse your energy in fulfilling the promises made! Get the Obama hold-overs out and bring in people who will make it happen.

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