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June 18, 2017


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“Celebrate Diversity!™ ” That siren song of the seventies. That gift that just keeps giving. About fifty years ago society (you know, the majority made up of old white guys who are still blamed for everything) was told all bad in the world could be turned to good simply through a panacea – Diversity!™. Pot luck lunches focused on diverse foods. Show and tell at school with pictures of grandpa back home in the desert with his five wives. Bailey has two mommies.

Some sober thinkers started recognizing Celebrate Diversity!™ meant wholesale forced acceptance of the previously unacceptable and often outlawed. Neighbors have cock fights and a few hundred shouting drunks crammed into a backyard to watch? No problemo – it’s a Celebration of Diversity!™. Little girls’ genitals mutilated? DIVERSITY!™.

Now that fifty years have passed old white men, their wives, their kids and their grandkids are being told “STOP! You can’t appropriate someone else’s culture. “No tacos for you.” “Slaves invented BBQ’d ribs so you can’t have any.” No Diversity!™ for you.”

Katy Perry, politicians and other attention whores now partake in the latest cause célèbre – public apology. Here’s an outstanding example: https://tinyurl.com/y8j2oqd3 (the link’s safe - created it myself). “I apologize that you have your knickers in a twist not because you like to have them in a twist – but for something I can get mileage out of sobbing over because I’m a mess and like to tell the world I am.”

If one could only bottle and sell the way the pendulum swings they’d make millions.


I benefited from AA. It never occurred to me that it was wrong or anti-American. Now after several decades, I can see the unfairness of it. AA is not what made America great. America was already great before AA. The federal courts betrayed America with their unconstitutional and illogical rationalizations. It's no wonder that respect for the courts and the law has fallen, with the resulting rise in violence and hate speech. Congress never even tried to challenge AA. Now it is culturally acceptable to seek out every possible government handout rather than seek out employment. Shame on us!


Political correctness was invented specifically to prevent us from complaining about being treated unfairly, even illegally. If you are vocal you are labeled a racist. It's the same today. Trump wants to protect us from Muslim terrorists, so he is called a racist. The liberal activist judges fail to admit that foreigners outside the U.S. have no rights under our Constitution, so how could Trump's ban be unconstitutional? It's more smoke and mirrors from the courts. Republican Congressmen go along with the libs against Trump because he is a threat to all their perks and special benefits from lobbyists. What's good for the country doesn't enter their minds. They don't care about the voters, only themselves. We need a whole new party to make any difference.


It's too late. Even if Trump could fire every far left teacher, professor, judge, journalist and bureaucrat, his choices to replace them would be stonewalled by the Dumocrats til the end of time.

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