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July 08, 2017


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Here again we can lay the blame at the door of liberals. Starting with the rise of progressiveism in the early 20th century we have been led toward a one party utopian govt by the anti-democracy crowd. They sneaked into our educational system and started teaching their self serving ideology to children as young as age 5. They created the far left socialists that today fill our juridical system, our schools and colleges, our entertainment industry and today's radical far left democrat party. Today's America is the culmination of all their lies and freedom sapping anarchy. In the 70s this crowd tried to sell us on the theory of global freezing. When that was disproved they turned to this more recent lie of global warming, and of course blaming Americans for it. If you want to see the sick results of their sinister dreams of domination just look to the streets of Hamburg.


You don't have to look that far, Legion. Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and the entire state of California clearly show the legacy of democrat/progressive rule.


Most econuts are fairly young and poorly educated, especially those with college degrees. They are not critical thinkers and logical thought processes are blocked by cognitive dissonance and ideological mantra. If you talk to them about comparing the climates of different prehistoric eras, you may as well be speaking Greek or Latin.


Read this recently on Breitbart citing a Swedish study. You know, the same Sweden whereat Volvo and tons of degenerate immigrants are housed and catered to. The same Volvo that recently announced they’e ending production of fossil-fueled vehicles in favor of batteries. Well, guess that doesn’t mean Volvo ceasing fossil-fueled trucks. That audience isn’t the same as those swayed by wimpy millennials in commercials with narration using even wimpier nasally-voice overs.

There I go digressing again. Back to the matter at hand. The svensk study reported:

"The car batteries used in a Tesla generate as much CO2 as driving a gasoline-powered car for eight years. And that’s before they even come off the production line.”

Now that really drove the eco mutants crazy about the Swedes. Too bad there hasn’t been the same uproar and furor over unbridled sodomites in Sweden.


There I go with the typos again. Someday I need to learn how to type. On second thought why should that matter at this stage of the game?


Your writing looks good to me. So does your messages.


"So DO your messages". See 98102, we're all prone to an oops.

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