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July 01, 2017


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You forgot to include democrats and anyone who has held public office in California, Oregon or Washington.


Good point. I'm sure we could both come up with disqualifiers such as enviro-whackos and one-gender adherents etc.


Have to disagree that western Washington has been taken down by an influx of Californians. And I say “western” because the eastern side of the state is a whole different world. It’s a red state unto itself.

To support my views I’ll first state my credentials:

1. I’m a native son of the Golden West born and bred in Orange County.

2. Born over seven decades ago and nurtured in Orange County I never had much of an idea what a Democrat was except for a respectable guy from Missouri who did a pretty good job running this country without a college degree. Then there was the other Democrat – the one with holes in the soles of his shoes who was drubbed twice by Ike.

3. I was relocated to the Seattle area in 1969. Lived here for four years. Back to LA, then back to Berkeley North in ’96. Been here ever since.

So here goes. Western Washington has long, long been a bastion for liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, union radicals and other similar miscreants such as Democrats. The center for this is of course Seattle but, looking at a map, stretches to the Pacific with small exceptions towards the Canadian border where dairy and dirt farmers have “earned that” through toil and perseverance. The liberal majority here developed with the large influx of Scandinavians who’ve historically had a lust for socialism along with lutefisk and aquavit.

Unions are a religion here. The felonious Teamsters boss Dave Beck rose to infamous power here. For years most union members, not just Teamsters, voted as Beck dictated. And Beck’s dictatorial mantra mirrored whatever local, state or federal Democrat candidate was proclaiming along with stuffing Beck’s pockets. Then there was Harry Bridges – considered a deity here. So highly worshiped locally University of Washington named their labor studies center after old Harry. The same Harry who was a communist and a Wobbly along with being head of the ship cargo theft union.

When I first came here I was amazed with the presence of screwballs still living the Technocracy dream. Those gray cars with the Technocrats’ red and white symbols on their doors. Technocracy meeting signs in towns along with Lions Club or Rotary signs.

Senator Henry M. “Scoop” Jackson, a poster boy for term limits if there ever was one, didn’t have to campaign. Newspaper headlines of his victories were probably printed six or twelve years before his next election. All it took and still takes here is that big D on a ballot. Hasn’t changed. It’s actually fun watching politics in this part of the state. Sort of like watching Boss Tweed cavorting with the Yokum Family.

No, California has never tainted this area. It poisoned itself. Long ago.


98101: enjoyed your article. I lived in the tri-cities area for almost 2 years in the mid 80s. I never got involved with local politics but I loved the PNW. Will never forget all the apple trees in bloom, seemingly everywhere. Yakima Valley. West coast. Beautiful. I must have done something wrong tho cause I was transferred to Chicago. Chicago politics made WA look like a conservative stronghold.


10. Deport all those who are deadly enemies of America, Americans and American culture. That would include all Muslims, "radical" or not.
11. Pass laws making it a felony to invoke any form of political correctness.
12. Bring back the Draft, with no exemptions for college.


Ruwanna, you'll get no argument from me!

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