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August 12, 2017


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There wasn't just enough shame to go around, there was also more than enough ignorance to go around. The news people displayed ignorance of the issue being protested, as did the counter-protesters. It's just a statue that's been there forever. So what? The news reporters made it into something else. I understand black pride and black history. White southerners understand southern pride and southern history - which includes the Confederacy and their historical heroes, like Robert E. Lee. So what? What bothers me isn't their pride, it's the vast army of ignoramuses trying to explain what they know nothing about. Shame is right!


Let’s see – from the desk at Newsweek:


“….white nationalist extremists”.

“…civil rights groups, including Antifa and Black Lives Matter”.


The kindest words the media today attached to the Charlottesville protesters are "white nationalists" and "white supremacists." After that comes Nazis and racists. Anyone with clear eyes can see who the racists are here.


Something this old white man learned today reading just one article in the NY Post.

What I read:

∙A peaceful protest over Charlottesville was held in Oakland, CA last night.
∙ The Oakland protest decried racism by white nationalists.
∙ The crowd hit by the vehicle in Charlottesville was peacefully protesting.

What I learned:
∙ A peaceful protest in Oakland includes blocking Interstate-580.
∙ Speaking out against iconoclasm makes one racist.
∙ Peaceful is in the eye of the beholder.


Why do we continue to give the architects of America's demise a free pass? The ones who organize and finance riots that result in looting, burning and death. These anarchists are well known. Most prominent are Soros and Obama with help from CAIR, BLM, universities, unions, Black Panthers, Hollywood and major networks. When did campaigning for treason become an acceptable activity?


Well, the leftists did it again today, in Boston. A small conservative public gathering was shut down by thousands of sign waving, club carrying protesters whose stated goal was to stop the conservative speakers from speaking. Mission accomplished, you traitors to America, the U.S. Constitution and common decency.


Antifa et al threw rocks and urine filled bottles at cops in Boston.

Trump praised the estimated 40k et als and denounced the 300 individuals the et als were opposing along with throwing rocks and P-bombs at cops.

Critics salivated blasting Trump for misspelling a word in one of his Beantown tweets.

CNN probably has reported by now that Trump supports throwing rocks and P-bombs at cops.

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