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August 19, 2017


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Let's see, they hate the founding fathers because they owned slaves and condoned slavery almost 250 years ago? I'm over it, as anyone should be who has any common sense. But they hate the Constitution because it was written by the founding fathers? Then it makes sense that they also hate America. That explains their hateful actions and contemptuous behavior. They control the bureaucracy in D.C. through the Civil Service, thanks to Obama's hiring policies. So, they hate us and also control everything. Since they're prone to violence, how can we change things back to normal without a horrendous fight?


This is exactly what the 2nd Amendment was intended for - gear up.


The end is in sight. The black terrorist movement sees America's future as mirror image of Africa. Continent divided up into various tribes and each run by whichever warlord has the most guns and willing to kill the most people. The Muslims see our future as resembling Muhammad's dream. All countries run by Muslims and all nonbelievers either enslaved, converted or murdered. The question is which of the domestic terror groups will be the winner. I've always said if Islamists want to find allies in this country, they'll find them in the black communities. So, I can see both groups coming together in a common goal of destroying "white" America.

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