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July 14, 2018


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Nice to see Rook’s great short & sweet post. It comes just after I finished reading the indictments of Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris and Ivan. Conclusion? Yes, it really is possible to indict a ham sandwich.

How did those Commie rats do it? Phishing. That email technique that we see and hear so much about. We all encounter it now and then. Need to fill in time on local TV news? Bring in the ACTION! consumer reporter to tell about phishing of an old lady in Glendive, MT who opened an email and clicked on a link promising her a free Lawrence Welk music CD. In turn when she clicked Russian porn video clips appeared on her screen and wouldn’t go away.

Ah, but this wasn’t just any phishing scheme – this was “spear phising”. That’s right, spear phising. A sexy new name for an old product.

Maybe one of the indicted will turn and come to the States to tell his story. Why not? A free trip and lodging. Appearances on CNN, MSNBC and the View. Hollywood celebrities carrying signs “#BoristrumpsTrump”. Wonder what color ribbon those celebs will wear to the Emmys and Oscars to proclaim solidarity with Boris et al?

Now that Mueller and his codependents have wetted their whistles with this hack they can re-open the Clinton email case. And while they're at it they can open a case on Debbie Wasserman Shultz and those Pakistani computer scammers. Just kidding……..

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