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April 23, 2010


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Unfotunately we now witness the likes of leftists such as Joe Klein, sitting in a circle with like-minded intelligentsia, spouting claims Beck, Palin and Limbaugh are seditious.


Ernie, I'm afraid you don't understand. All those terrorist acts by the left are justified. Only the violent acts by the right are horrible acts of red-necked barbarism. The fact that the Tea Parties have been calm, respectful and nonviolent doesn't mean anything. The leftists know from dealing with their own protests that you can't assemble that many people without having riots, looting, burnings and death. After all, it's the "progressive" way.


As long as the media is ruled by the left, the right will be pilloried and the left will be portrayed as saints.


Couldn't help but notice how the left is rallying against the new immigration law in Arizona. Once again, they protect the rights of the violent revolutionaries at the expense of the innocent. Case in point, Phoenix leads the nation in kidnappings, home invasions, brown-on-brown killings and other assorted crimes. We had a rancher murdered recently on his own property. People along the border are arming themselves against the onslaught from Mexico. The border has become a freeway for drug trafficking. How about this solution? We invade Mexico, overthrow the government and help them build a democratic form of rule. You know, like we used to have.

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