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November 29, 2010


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I'm not optimistic that Holder will go for a prosecution, but on the other hand he will be getting a lot of pressure from all sides to do something. I'm not familiar with the planted briefcase trick.


I have no doubt that whatever happens, it will NOT be the decision of Holder! There are many other options, all of which are superior to a civilian trial: CIA snatch and rendition; Seal Team snatch and drown like a rat; or Hillary just may have her personal hit team handle Assange like Vince Foster; or contract it out to the mafia. Like Larry says, "GIT 'R DONE!" or Nike's "JUST DO IT!"


My first day of training as a member of Naval Intelligence, the instructor asked if anyone knew the meaning of the word "compromise". Well, it ain't "coming to an agreement". It's divulging classified information to the public. After explaining the word's meaning, he advised us that to compromise classified material didn't result in a slap on the wrist. It meant a quick trip to Leavenworth. In time of war it could mean even worse. The CIA should find this guy Assange and end his treasonous career. Since we're in a state of war...well, you figure it out. And all who abetted this criminal should be arrested and tried for treason. That includes the New York Slimes. If the CIA's busy, give the job to 2 Italians from Jersey. They'd be back home in 24 hours. Job done.

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