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December 20, 2010


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The Internet was designed as an open medium. The fundamental idea since the Internet's inception has been that every Web site, every feature and every service should be treated without discrimination. That's how bloggers can compete with CNN or USA Today for readers. That's how up-and-coming musicians can build underground audiences before they get their first top-40 single. That's why when you use a search engine, you see a list of the sites that are the closest match to your request -- not those that paid the most to reach you. Discrimination endangers our basic Internet freedoms.

On a tiered Internet controlled by the phone and cable companies, only their own content and services -- or those offered by corporate partners that pony up enough "protection money" -- will enjoy life in the fast lane. The free-flowing Internet as we know it could very well become history.

"Net Neutrality" means we could be headed toward a government controlled Internet where Web sites have fees and/or taxes. It means we may have to pay a network tax to run voice-over-the-Internet phones, use an advanced search engine, or chat via Instant Messenger. The next generation of inventions will be shut out of the top-tier service level. Meanwhile, the network owners will rake in even greater profits.

Instead of innovation you have greed; instead of free access you have enhanced access for those able to pay the fees and restricted access for those who can't afford the fees. If the government takes control, the lobbyists will set the rules for maximum advantage to the greedy big corporations.


It's about control. This gives me the feeling that I live in China or North Korea. Congress will tax it and place more restrictions on than we could have ever dreamed. This is dangerous!


Liberals just can't help themselves, they MUST CONTROL everything! That's why they strive for bigger and bigger government, more tax money and more regulation of every aspect of our lives.

That's also why liberals share many qualities with the likes of Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong Il and Idi Amin.

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