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June 21, 2012


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Anyone with the ability to think and reason will not wake up and vote for the emir Obama. However, there are a lot of people who don't think/reason. Blacks will vote 90% for him. Jews 65-70%. Hispanics 50-60%. Anyone who's made a career of blood sucking the gov't/taxpayers 90%. Muslims 90%. Entertainment industry 80%. Educators 75%. Did I leave anyone out?


While most of what you say may well be true, I have one concern and that is whether people disenfranchised with the president will stay home rather than cast a vote for Romney. As a man in my early thirties raised in a staunchly Democrat family, I was a DNC committee person in my district at the unprecedented age of 20. I resigned in 2008 after Senator Clinton's primary defeat when I realized the extreme left had taken control of my party leaving no room for conservative leaning democrats. I cast my first Republican vote for President that same year. Having started voting in presidential races since 2000, I have yet to elect a president (Gore [though I would rather have had McCain or Bradley), Kerry, and then McCain.
Will voters turn as I did to the great surprise and disdain of my family and friends or will they stay home? Look at the years the Christian Coalition voted and when they stayed home. They voted in 94 (when the GOP took back congress), stayed home in 96 when Dole lost, voted in 2000 (a few stayed home over the drunk driving thing which is why it was so close), voted in 04, stayed home in 08 because they didn't trust McCain despite Sarah Palin.
Guess this is more of a $200 then a $.02.

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