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December 03, 2012


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Just one more example, added to hundreds of others, of why the U.S. should withdraw from the U.N. and evict them from NYC. We are paying the lion's share of the U.N. costs and yet 90%+ of their agenda works AGAINST U.S. interests. How STUPID are we for letting this sham continue?


Amen, Rook. This organization lost its focus and purpose years ago. It has become nothing less than a pro-Islam, antisemetic, pro-anything that is anti-America with the sole intent of becoming a "world government" to whom all nations owe allegience. (With Obama at the helm?) Why we allow this cancerous organization to fester and grow within the boundaries of the US is mind bogling. The only reason I can think of is because its ideology is the same as Obama's and his extremist left zombies.


So let's see - U.N. Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon's current term expires in 2016. Hmm, something else happens in 2016. Just what is it? Oh yeah, our next presidential election and the Grifter-In-Chief's last year in office. Wonder how much speculation there will be about The One taking over the U.N like there was with Clinton? Terrifying thought, huh?

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