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December 04, 2012


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Why not? Uncle Sam already has a lot of experience in this area having bled the Social Security piggy bank and forcing it into anemia. With countries such as Hungary, Ireland, France and Argentina raiding pension coffers B.H.O. will help rid the curse of American Exceptionalism by doing the same. Next he can set up a national lottery – something on the lines of the Irish Sweepstakes. He can then have little kids running around like Robert Blake in “Treasure Of Sierra Madre” peddling lottery tickets. Deem it some sort of national youth development project and feign justification by saying “It’s for the kids.” That phrase always draws in suckers.


A word of clarification. The 5% wage earners would be mandated (taxed) to pay to the gov't would not go to their personal retirement accounts, but would be redistributed to the "less fortunate". You know those perennial useless souls who wouldn't leave their sofa, beer, crack and reproductive activities if you offered them a job at $100k/yr.


On our radar screen we find a $16 trillion national debt, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, welfare, foreign aid and the likelihood of more war in the Middle East. At thie point Social Security is but a fading, minor blip on the screen. Congress will kick that can down the road by simply raising the age of eligibility and adding means testing criteria. They may well do the same with Medicare, but they'd meet more resistance there.


One of the ways we combat unemployment is attrition due to retirements, and the lure of early retirements. How do we make people stay on the job longer while also creating work for the new grads and the unemployed? It's an unsustainable cycle of debt,unemployment,deficits, loss of revenue and Obamunism. Sure hope nobody forces us to go to war. We can't afford it.

Disaster Recovery Hurricane Sandy

Its way to unfair for the low wage earner than to higher wage earner. It seems that the gov't got a favoritism in favor of the highest wage earner.

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