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August 11, 2013


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Ameritopia, as Mark Levin calls it. He can see a time when people will not own private property. The gov't will own everything and they'll tell us where we can live, what we can drive, and where we can work. Everybody is equal. Nobody has a better house, a better car, or makes more money. It looks like that's where Emir Obama wants to take us.


If we don't have enough sane, unbrainwashed people left to vote these clowns out, then you may have to get used to living in a communist society of idealistic idiots. Maybe people will wise up when the communists in China implode - which won't be long now.


How about this? Let's call it City Switch©. We'll start by moving everyone in Watts to Beverly Hills and vice versa. Then we'll sit back and watch for two years - two years max. Then we'll switch the populous from the ghetto of Beverly Hills to the greener grass of Watts.

PS: Rook - careful with the clown reference. It'll get you banned from the Missouri State Fair.

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