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November 04, 2014


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Guy Fawkes Day - a wonderful day for Reid, Pelossi et al to wake up and find out last night wasn't just a bad dream. Reid calling for working together. What's next - a Rodney King impersonation asking to get along?

It will be interesting to see what happens between now and January 3rd when current Congress expires. Better get in all the blaming of rich, racist and old white men in the GOP because the new lineup is far from that.

PBS, NPR, CNN and MSNBC along with ex-news readers like Brokaw have quickly gone into whitewash mode. The whining from those anti-GOP xenophobes (to steal a word from Brokaw) will be as monotonous and tiring as "Bush's fault," "war on women" and whatever straw men and red herrings they wildly throw out.

Over the near horizon the Dems will be like dinner with the Donner Party. Debbie Wasserman Shultz is likely the first who will be thrown upon the chopping block.

Now for a couple of personal experiences today:

Went to Costco this morning and didn't see any frenzied shoppers filling shopping carts with condoms as NARAL predicted would happen if Cory Gardner won in Colorado. It must be noted however that I'm still in Berkeley North and not Sandra Fluke's neighborhood so things might be different down there.

On the way to Costco I passed my local gasoline price barometer - AM/PM. Not to gloat but as predicted the price was up six cents from yesterday:


I suspect one of those pesky accidental refinery fires and resulting production shortages along with sharp price inreases isn't too far off. One of those fires that happen at times like refineries switching over from producing vehicle fuels to home heating oil. And don't for a minute think home heating oil won't be a ¡CRISIS! this winter with the cold weather and snow already occurring in parts of the country.


I have read numerous articles either written by, or interviewed for, Hispanic views on immigration. These were both legal and illegals living in the US. Over and over again I hear them talking about how they came to America for opportunities and a better life. They feel like both are threatened by an influx of millions of illegals with no skills nor education, and have turned Americans against Hispanics of any stripe. I'm not sure how much strengthening our borders and immigration laws will turn Hispanics against us. What percent of the population is Hispanic? 8%? 5%? What? Will destroying our sovereignty to appease this small minority really be good for the country? Is it worth it just to get Hispanics to like us? I don't know. Just asking.


What is with Obama this morning. Who me! No, it was my secret supporters who failed to show up at the polls. I don't care that the country went 90% red last night; I know what the majority really wants and will govern accordingly. He reminded me of Hitler in his final days, moving non-existent divisions of troops on his map.


Franklin, let's hope your analogy of Obama with Hitler holds true. If it does, then Obama and Michelle and their dog will soon descend into a bunker to spend their remaining days hiding from the Reds (in this case Republicans).

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