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October 20, 2015


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We may already be a lost cause after 7 years of Emir Obama, but if not, 4 years of Madam Hillary would finish us off. We cant stand anymore of the Alinsky "Constitution", nor the Cloward and Piven "Bill of Non Rights". On top of that the populace is too uneducated and apathetic to understand the beauty of our form of government, and what it's done for the entire world. Forget the milennials, if they didn't see it on Twitter or Facebook, they don't know anything about it.


The majority of the voting populace today were educated by liberals who tainted every aspect of their education. They are lacking in historyand critical thinking. They don't know what's wrong because they've never experienced right. Now the liberals are taking it one step further with Common Core, a plan for dumbing down the next generation. The liberal/progressive agenda to reduce America to a third rate country is gaining steam and Hillary will lead the charge. Some say if Hillary wins in 2016 the country is lost. I say if she isn't indicted under the Espionage Act the country is lost.


Amen to that Rook.

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