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March 14, 2016


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Not to worry... Trump made a deal with Sarah Palin to get her out on the campaign trail and hawking his virtues. He agreed to name her his running mate, A Trump - Palin ticket couldn't even win against Bernie Sanders, let alone whoever the dems finally choose as their nominee.


Sharing a tidbit I posted on this topic elsewhere today:

My last comment - Trump says incendiary things. His detractors resort to mass agitation, confrontations, disturbing the peace, blocking public thoroughfares and more. His supporters sit back and watch the frenzy which includes the "civil disobedient" being carted off to jail in far greater numbers than his supporters. A person has been called a name, shoved, or even punched? Just another day in the life of the world. Can’t deal with someone resorting to name calling? Better find one of those safe spaces stocked with coloring books for special snowflakes.

In this day and age people so often resort to making claims – claims such as “threat” – without the least bit of knowledge what constitutes a threat let alone evidence supporting their claims. It’s interesting to read or hear media reports continuously making claims something was said when in fact it wasn’t. “TRUMP THREATENS AND CALLS FOR VIOLENCE AT CONVENTION!” His actual words – "I think you'd have riots. I think you'd have riots." Trump’s old enough to recall the riots at the infamous convention in Chicago so why deny him his right to ponder a possibility? His comment was a far cry from a threat.

As far as him suggesting his supporters bring guns to the Cleveland convention that’s a subject that’s actually quite difficult to find evidence of. Internet searches using various words such as, but not limited to, trump+guns+republican+convention fail to produce support of this claim. The bastions of liberal opinion reporting – Mother Jones, Huffpo, MSNBC and CNN as well as others haven’t reported on this which is quite odd had a viable comment actually been made. If there was substance to any such call to arms the media in all its forms would never let that rest.

I just can’t understand how any rational person can give Trump free rent to live in their head – or any politician for that matter


Saw Trump speak at AIPAC today. He spoke from a written speech and even used a teleprompter. He made strong points and received several standing ovations. He appears to be evolving into a viable candidate for POTUS. If he is now using experienced political advisers and continues to make strong, cogent points, he will get the nomination in a walk.

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