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March 04, 2016


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Glen Beck suffers from OCD. Any subject he is passionate about causes obsessive and compulsive behavior; survivalist preppy, religious zealot, TEA Party patriot, etc.
Trump suffers from congenital affluenza. He has the temperament of a bull with a burr on his balls. His thinly veiled racist attitude toward Cruz and Rubio speaks volumes about his upbringing. His disdain for his customers of Trump University, his manipulation of the eminent domain laws and the thousands negatively impacted by his many bankruptcies demonstrate what he really thinks about the public at large. Flip-flopping on important issues is "being flexible"? Personally, I don't want Trump's dainty fingers anywhere near the nuclear button.


Father Coughlin lives on through talk radio and cable "news".


Rubio has proven one of the basic tenets of politics: Don't get in a pissing contest with a skunk!


I am a Cruz supporter, but I have to thank Trump for (early in the campaign) bringing energy, enthusiasm, and acknowledgement of the anger felt throughout the country regarding debt, Muslims, immigration, media bias and political corruption to the forefront. When he got down in the gutter and started his super-ugly slandering campaign against everyone in sight, he lost me. I think my biggest dislike is he's basically a morally bankrupt human being. But still he's better than Hillary. I will give him that.

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