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April 01, 2016


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Between China and robotics, we're toast.


In earlier times new innovations meant new industries, new businesses, new jobs, even more innovations and many new career opportunities. That meant personal growth like never seen before. Seems to me with robots replacing humans it means lost jobs, lost industries, lost businesses, lost human ingenuity, lost personal growth and lost culture.


The lost jobs numbers for Tennessee are a little exagerated, but still significant. However, new jobs are created to develop, install and maintain these tech systems. For example, Amazon.com currently employs more than a quarter million paople. That's just one example out of thousands of smaller tech systems like eBay, Google, Yahoo, etc. That's the trade-off. Life becomes more convenient, less expensive and less stressful for the public. Of course, it's not an even trade in numbers. But, for those displaced there are always options and opportunities presented for those willing to work. Going back to school, retraining for a job in demand, or starting your own small business. There are, for example, several thousand small businesses supported in part or in whole by Amazon.com and eBay. It's not difficult: just identify a need and then figure a way to fill it. Or you can sit around the house and apply for government assistance like democrats. It's your choice.


Good points, Rook. I think it's reasonable to assume that more unskilled people will become unemployed, and will be unwilling to "retrain" so long as the welfare system keeps supporting the displaced, unqualified and basically worthless. Higher unemployment will mean more government intervention in our lives, meaning one step closer to a socialistic government. By the way if you look at the Amazon warehouse in Nashville you'll see that nearly all the physical crating, sorting, shelving, retrieving and loading is done by automation.

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