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February 16, 2017


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Where do I enlist?


I agree that socialists, led by Obama, will do everything imaginable to try and remove Trump from office. The media campaign is well underway. I don't think there's anyway this left wing assault will deter nor intimate Trump, but I expect the establishment snowflake republicans, afraid of losing their seat on the gravy train, will fold like an old lawn chair.


Maybe we should encourage Obama to return home to Chicago and run for mayor. They surely need a new mayor and he's still popular there. Or maybe we could convince Trump to appoint him ambassador to Saudi Arabia so he could be close to Mecca to make his annual pilgrimage more convenient. It would also make Michelle's visits to Dubai more convenient. Just sayin'.....


You could be on to something Ruwanna. If Obama won't go to Saudi Arabia or Chicago IL why not send him to Marion IL. (or Leavenworth)


The latest revelations of Obama's people doing electronic surveillance in Trump Tower on a FISA warrant in October 2016 seems to support the premise of this blog. Hopefully, indictments and disgrace of Obama and his people will follow the ongoing investigation.


Honestly, those pesky "Obama Soldiers" will do anything to give Trump a black eye. Now they've cleaned out all the software and tools from the CIA Cyber Warfare Division and given it all to WikiLeaks. Our national security means nothing to the left wing of the democrats.

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