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February 09, 2017


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Wow! You didn't leave anything for me to say. I would add 1 thing. This ruling by the 9th circuit could be turned around and used against the left. There's not a better example to show all American citizens how far the democrats have come in their plan to destroy the culture, the constitution, the sovereignty, and eventually the democratic form of gov 't that is the United States. Spreading this message needs to be professional and persistent. We need to take on Hollywood, biased media, academic socialists, Soros and similar leftist and/or racist groups. This millennial group needs to be taught what socialism, Marxism and evil Islam really is. And equally how and why Americans are truly (or once were) the most exception people ever in all history.


So in my morning news review - with "Exile" being in the first five of my bookmarks - decided to respond with an "aye, aye" to Peter's thoughts.

But clicking on more bookmarks an article appeared that mirrors in a way what I was going to say. Here's the Reader's Digest version of the article:

"A summer music festival in suburban Illinois is under pressure to drop Toby Keith from its line-up because the country superstar played at President Donald Trump's inauguration.

Residents of Naperville say Keith — scheduled to perform June 30th at "Ribfest," which raises money for charity, has become "too political" and "polarizing" to be part of the show.

'I vote with my pocketbook. My money will be going to a different charity this year,' resident Amy Kakkuri told the Chicago Tribune 'In the current political climate, it seemed overtly polarizing and political. It would have been short-sighted for them to not expect this reaction.'"

Amy – trying to dismantle things she doesn’t like.

So as I went on and read news about Education Secretary being blocked by a trickle of Black Lives Matter protesters. I thought of Amy. And when the news took me to "In a Salt Lake City suburb on Thursday night, GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz faced irate constituents chanting 'Do your job!' as they pressed the House Oversight Committee chairman to investigate Trump. Chaffetz struggled to be heard as he faced a litany of sharp questions and screams..." Thought of Amy again.

Lot's of Amys out there.


And you can't shame them into civil behavior because they have no shame. This will be our third lost generation. Time to bring back the draft including women) and drag their sorry asses all the way back to reality!


Now they're coming to GOP town halls, pretending to be Republicans and disrupting the meetings. The far left is watching their base dwindle, so they keep lighting fires to motivate them. They are very persistent in their lies about Trump. I was alarmed at first, but when I did my own fact checking I found that the vast majority of Trump stories in the media either have no basis in fact, or the facts have been spun and misrepresented. They are in total panic mode!

Jane F

Civil war? I think not. If I couldn't statr one, nobody can.


You give yourself way too much credit JF. Now come on, back under your Rock.


I see in the news that the intelligence agencies are keeping intel from Trump, making it appear that he's untrustworthy (FoxNews online). Can't he just order them to provide it to him? Or are they still taking their marching orders from Obama?


The swamp may be circling the drain, but the reptiles and swamp monsters are trying to pull Trump down the drain with them.

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