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April 16, 2017


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I was eating potato chips while I was reading this.....I stopped!


You'll be glad to know Marie lost 50 lbs!


If we didn't have politicians we'd save couple billion in salaries; business would save billions in campaign donations, bribes and payoffs; we wouldn't be paying multi billions to people for doing nothing except voting for dems. Course that would mean manufacturers of luxury cars (ie, Escalades & Chrysler 300s), oversized rims, flat screen TVs, top of the line iPads, and lotto cards would go out of business. Isn't capitalism the pits!


You're welcome!


Skinny, half starved immigrants are flooding into the country because they prefer to die obese than from the many, many diseases that are caused by perpetual hunger. Come to think of it, me too. My suggestion to the overweight is to get off their butts, put down their iPads, turn off the TV, go to the gym, play golf or tennis.... Get active!! Works for me.

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