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May 04, 2017


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I'm confused, which one is the crazy man?


And no retaliation from China? Russia? Iran ? Peters scenario makes sense, probably doable, but stops short of dealing with the vengeful repercussions that are sure to follow from these nuclear forces. There's also the rumor that the NORKS have a few subs with nuclear weapons that could get close enough to the US to launch. If they have only 1, that would be enough to create chaos and devastation.


If you read the title, Legion, it says "How does TRUMP Think Strategically?" This surmises how Trump plans ahead, based on his rhetoric.


Gotcha. I think it is Dick Morris who predicted Trump would start a major war which would be over as quick as it started. My apologies to Morris if he wasn't the author.


We have more than enough active attack subs to take out all the PRK diesel-electric subs - their only subs afloat- at a moment's notice. Bet "chicken of the sea" ops have PRK sub commanders wishing they were busboys at a Korean BBQ joint in Los Angeles. And for the PRC - we have more nuclear warheads on one Ohio class boomer out of Bangor, WA - count 'em one, just one - than the PRC has total nuclear warheads in their entire arsenal.

Deterance: Only thing this time is PRK won't throw a fit and get rice and cabbage for their annual kimchee production.

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