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June 04, 2017


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Good Job, Ernie. The last time that Muslims invaded Europe in the numbers seen today, they tried to dominate the continent and kill or enslave the Europeans. They were fought off then by brutal military might. Now they are coddled and protected by the very governments they are trying to overthrow. The Europeans can't be that stupid, so it must be mass insanity.


And apparently highly contagious.


Today we witnessed a very British coup*. It was fueled in part with “youth voters”. Those same youths who have given seats to Obama, Trudeau the younger and Macron.

We are also witnessing the growth and expansion of Londonistan. There’s no contemporary Charles Martel around at this time to turn the tide in Europe.

* “very British coup” – plagiarized from a great production of the same name available on DVD. Also the updated story “Secret State”, also on DVD. Sobering.


Today's young snowflakes are a threat to the survival of America as we've known it for 240 years. They have no appreciation for America nor the people who created it, defended it or died for it. This Duh Generation has contributed absolutely none of the wealth that they take for granted and feel is owed to them. The left has done all they can do to turn us into a third world dictatorial country. The future looks bleak indeed.


Interesting article in Breitbart today about a Jesuist priest professing ISIS et all are doing exactly what Islam teaches. The good father better get ready to be defrocked and excommunicated by il papa:


Now I need to get back to reading about the welfare housing fire in Londonistan and how rioters and thugs committing battery are blaiming conservatives for it.

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