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July 30, 2017


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Online stores like Amazon have some advantages for shoppers. You can purchase items not available locally, or rare and hard to find items. You can buy technology items and hardware with relative safety. But for millions of people, trying before buying is preferable, especially clothing and shoes. Women prefer brick and mortar stores are a must and shopping trips are like playing golf is for men - Good exercise amid nice surroundings. Men also like feeling the heft of tools and comparing items before they buy. I believe there will always be a demand for brick and mortar stores with knowledgeable sales people to assist.


I suspect that back in 1872 folks were gathered in a chat room having a similar discussion. Unlike this one the ’72 room was likely chairs gathered around a potbelly stove in a rural general store. Similar topic though – demise of general stores because of Aaron Montgomery Ward’s mail-order merchandize catalogue. Then in 1888 discussion was about the demise of Ward’s catalogue because of Sears entry into the game. Then came Spiegel’s. And so on……

Also wonder how many folks groused about their tax money being wasted to pay for Rural Free Delivery started in 1896 to support the catalogue industry?

Just what did those catalogues provide the populous? Prefab houses some of which still stand today. Burros. And the Henry J automobile rebranded as the Allstate just to name a minute few.

Alas those catalogues and their bevy of goods are long gone. But the principle still exists. Thanks to Al Gore and the WWW just about anything from around the world is available at the touch of a keyboard or tap of a device screen. And that “anything” includes genuine, counterfeit and illegal items. Just need to know where to look.

Breaking up Amazon for antitrust violations is possible. But with Jeff Bezos being the darling of millennials and liberal Congress critters alike I wouldn’t bet on it. Will Amazon et al exist one hundred forty-five years from now? Wonder what Aaron Montgomery Ward would say if he were still around today?


Won't it be great when we never have to go anywhere again. We want anything at all we just hit the Amazon app and they'll deliver it. Even our groceries. And forget about going to work cause there won't be many jobs not handled by robots. All the profits will go to the gov't and they'll send each of us a monthly "living allowance". Won't that be great! We can sit on the sofa all day with our Facebook, Twitter and TV? We won't need a car cuz no need to go anywhere. We want to go somewhere we call Amazon and they'll send an Uber to get us. The auto industry will love that.
Several manufacturers and 1 retailer. What a concept! Isn't that what made this country great? Marx and Lenin eat your hearts out. We've finally found utopia. Sorta.


Clarify: all the manufacturing profits go to the govt cause the gov't will own mftg. Gov't owns production and Amazon owns distribution. Only matter of time til gov't owns Amazon?

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