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January 11, 2018


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Can you believe not one dumocrat voted to give millions of Americans a tax cut? Not one!!! They make Levin's forecast look like a sure thing.


Missed anything about those two until reading this. I've been busy watching and listening to Jessee "Hymietown" Jackson trying to put a sentence together as he expressess his genius about Trump's purported racist comment.


We may be fighting a long term battle, longterm. The polls show the younger generations have succumbed to the idea that Socialism is the way to go.


I repeat, again, but the leftist Marxists took control of our educational system 70+ yrs ago and produced the leftists that today saturate each/every govt department, agency and political party. It has produced most all the anarchist groups (ie Antifa) and deadened the millennial brain. Yet, I hear absolutely nothing about cleaning out Ed Dept and killing rules/regs that have taken education out of the hands of parents and turned this country into a communist satellite. Most colleges/universities should take down Stars & Stripes, and replace it with the old Soviet banner. The Ivy League is the Marxist pace setter.


The millennials are a lost cause. They have their heads down and their noses in their phones or iPads 24-7. They live in Twitter, Facebook and video games, not among the living. They are the embodiment of the "Zombie Apocalypse." The only thing they know is the last thing they heard. The only thing that might save this country is bringing back the Draft and sending as many as possible to boot camp for a dose of reality from a real life DI. I would love to spend some of my retired time watching them get properly educated.


Trump is his own worst enemy. He gets a lot of great things accomplished and there are many reasons to keep him as POTUS. But it seems every time he has a great accomplishment, he steps on his privates with inappropriate Tweets or outrageous comments during meetings. He has been upper class all his life, but he never learned to have the class to go with the position. It's going to be VERY difficult to get him re-elected, so I hope he gets a lot more done in his first term and quit planning on delaying some things to the second term.



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