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February 03, 2018


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You're right on the money, Legion, but the reason is simple: We don't have the power. The real power is in the hundreds of thousands of government employees at every level of government. State, local and federal employees know which side their bread is buttered on. They are 80% democrats and even the smart ones have their hand out. The DOJ and FBI are just the tip of the iceberg of corruption, antipathy toward conservatives, greed and scheming for power. It's not your father's civil service, it's Alinsky's. Firing the entire civil service would be disastrously disruptive. Maybe another Great War would get them back to patriotism.....or create a huge Fifth Column. It could go either way.


If I paid 50 thugs to storm CNN and trash the place, you think the police would give me a pass? And if, God forbid, a CNN employee should lose his life, you think the police wouldn't want to lock me up?


Conspiracy theory of the day. Soros, who's made lots of $$$$$$$$$$ hedging financials, is sitting in one of those secret James Bondesque islands or mountain forts taking world stock markets down to make Trump's financial accomplisments look like a shitehole.......

PS: If anyone thinks markets are going down further then buy SKF. But don't wait too long to make that move and be prepared to sell quickly.


Now it's reported that Soros is paying millions in promoting socialist candidates in local & state elections. Special focus on judges and DA positions. As a consequence the dems have been winning large. It's important for anarchists to control the judicial and law enforcement agencies for obvious reasons.

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