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March 24, 2018


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First of all, welcome to the Blog John W. Your articulation is impeccable and I hope you will continue to contribute posts. I don't believe Trump's credibility will suffer as a result of signing this atrocious bill. He explained himself very well, citing the importance of rebuilding our armed forces that were so depleted and damaged by Obama and the democrats. Also, those who support Trump will still support him and those who don't support him don't consider him credible anyway. He will repeatedly remind everyone before the mid-terms that the democrats abandoned DACA for purely political reasons, trying to gain an edge in the next election. I believe he's on solid ground there and he will lambast the dems with it at every opportunity. He will also be reminding everyone that the military issue was created by Obama and the dems.


Trump's midterm focus needs to be on the issues listed above, plus on cleaning the swamp, beginning with ridding the GOP of RINOs. His conservative agenda will never pass when his only support is the handful of Freedom Caucus members. We will continue to see more conservative members retire rather than continue fighting a battle they can't win. Trump not only lost the battle, he extinguished the fire of those who were helping him fight the battle. Yes, he got money needed for the military, but what good is a strong military if the country collapses under insurmountable debt? Think China will continue to bail us out?


He got the money to build the wall. It will be part of the military defense fund. What could be more important for national security than defending our borders?


It quickly became tedious trying to watch Trump explain his signing the other day. “It’s for the military” just doesn’t cut it. Listening to that repeatedly is like listening to “It’s for the kids”.

Perhaps he has something up his sleeve in doing what he did. If not the Dems will use their gains last week to promote a free lunch agenda for the upcoming elections. And that agenda will be very effective for them.


Monday’s Current Events

When I was a kid in grammar school I loved “Current Events”. Clipping a newspaper article about something timely, presenting it in front of classmates and reading the snippet. One I recall that had Southern Californians in awe was Florence Chadwick swimming non-stop from the mainland to Catalina Island. Another was hearing on the radio it was National Pickle Day and announcing it to the class. This irritated my teacher who sent a terse note to my mother demanding I cease with absurdity and report actual events. Mama Bear replied accordingly and my curious pursuit of truth and relaying it was not stifled.

So my current event for the day is about the stock market. Indices closed up today – way up from that big hit they took this past Friday. The drops obviously had to do with the budget, trade wars and all the other significant compelling factors that affect economies.

But I see today there’s a chart floating around that tracks last week’s drops and today’s hefty rise along with what caused those events. Concern over the budget? No. Trade wars? No. Axis of Evil? No. It’s the Stormy Daniels Crisis. The world and finances stood at a precipice Friday in anticipation of what this North Hollywood* star might say. Sunday she said it. Monday market recuperation. What a world we live in.

* Home to our nation’s porn industry.


Stormy Daniels was as credible as one would expect from a porn performer who uses a pseudonym. You, Manx, tying her mouth to the market gyrations is a bit of genius and an appropriate metaphor for those day traders who alternate between brokerage sites and porn sites - back and forth, all day long, sitting in their man cave, dressed only in their undies and holding on with a clenched fist. It's no wonder they're transfixed with Stormy!


Wonder why the media is treating her like a poor, respectable working girl who was victimized by Trump instead of treating her like they did Billy Jeff Clinton's real victims. Oh yeah, I think I know.


At least he didn't let her drown in a lake and then not report it for 10 hours.

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