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March 31, 2018


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I understand being granted rights to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government. My question is at what point can we take up arms, barricade ourselves and be ready to fight? When we see the FBI coming to our door? When they arrest us for anti-tyranny bumper stickers? When they start closing our churches? Who is willing to join a militia and fight to the end? And who among us is ready to start firing our guns at the Feds knowing they can shoot back and kill us in a matter of seconds?


Legion: If and when they try to confiscate all our guns, that will foment resistance from the twenty million plus gun owners. They will also encounter resistance from within because these government employees are our friends and neighbors. The radical progressives are a small minority, even on the blue coasts. Repeal of the 2nd Amendment will never happen.


Guess Stevens still has sour grapes stuck in his craw after his side lost D.C vs Heller ten years ago. Doubt we'll see Heller overturned - at least in this senior's lifetime.

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