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April 25, 2018


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Strzok and Page were in up to their amorous necks on both the HRC email investigation and the Russia collusion witch hunt. It's incredible that they're both still employed by the government. The Deep State has Sessions by the throat. It makes me wonder what they have on Sessions. I see Sessions' lips move, but I hear Rosenstein talking.


It is amazing that there's so very much evidence on HRC, Comey, Rosenstein, Clapper, Mueller, Lerner and the rest of liberal Deep State coup, and yet there's nobody anywhere in the DOJ, Senate or House who can order an arrest and put their treasonous butts in front of a Grand Jury? Seems it only works this way for socialist-Marxist-Liberal-Progressive-scumbag democrats.


Rook: Excellent article filled with great, well researched information. Nice work.


Thanks Legion, but it's incomplete. Like I said, I felt queasy thinking about it. I was hoping others would add their own facts, like Gunny.


Not enough has been said about the role of Clapper and Brennan. Clapper, Obama's Director of National Intelligence, lied publicly and under oath before Congress about the Trump dossier and the sources of funding for the "research" that fabricated it's allegations. Brennan, a converted Muslim who Obama appointed Director of the CIA, claimed to have "verified" the Trump dossier contents through seventeen different intelligence agencies. Another shameless liar carrying Obama's political water. God only knows how much damage was done to our national security during their tenure.

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