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April 20, 2018


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Yea, Ernie! Way to rub their noses in it.


And let's not forget it was those selfish white privileged elitists who carried the brunt of the fighting in WWI, WWII, Spanish American, revolutionary and civil wars. It wasn't til late WWII and Korea that blacks and other minorities were expected to share proportionately in fighting against enemies that threatened America. Until that time the few who served were primarily cooks, stewards, cargo handlers, etc.


1. Whites don't have "affirmative action."
2. Whites have a suicide rate four times greater than minorities.
3. Whites don't have clubs in schools and universities exclusively for whites like minorities do.
4.Minorities are historically portrayed as underprivileged, while whites like the Irish, Italians and old guard Appalachians who have actually been underprivileged hardly receive a footnote in history books.
5. I can pursue a career in Rap, R&B or Gospel without being shunned or considered out of place. Whites cannot.
6. Whites can't blame their shortcomings on racism, but minorities can and do.
7. Black or Brown Pride is considered empowerment. White Pride is portrayed as racism.
Minorities can play the "race card" in almost any situation; whites cannot.

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