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May 17, 2018


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It's been said before, but it deserves to be said again: Socialist systems look appealing to the uninformed, until they run out of OPM (other people's money)! The people in charge of the various governmental entities in Washington, Oregon and California all suffer from the same illness: cognitive dissonance. They also have a serious learning disorder because after decades of failure they still haven't learned what they're doing wrong.


Disclaimer: I have lived off and on in Seattle and its greater area a total of about thirty years of my “young life”. I’ll likely die in the Puget Sound area. I am a true Native Son of the Golden West being a “Boomer” born and raised in Orange County, CA. I challenge anyone here to have ever had to provide their political affiliation on what amounted to a job application. Anyone, anyone? Took the recruiter over an hour squirming in his seat explaining the “importance” of such a question. That question was eventually legally abolished but not after the chance I had to proudly profess “GOP!!!!!!” in writing. And I was just a kid only shortly able to drink and vote (sequence intended).

Like two of my idols Murrow and Pyle reporting from the bombed-out rubble of London I can give a firsthand report from the trenches of Seattle.

First of all the newest tax allotted upon Seattle is a Seattle City tax – just that – not a King County tax. Matter of fact the current King County Executive called upon Seattle not to establish the tax. Amazing considering he has a few years before his next rolling in the mud aka run for office.

The tax was enacted by fiat by the city council – a group that’s proud of the bronze Lenin statue displayed in the city. The same statue Michelle Malkin still denounces remembering her days as a cub reporter here.

Some of you may recall my comments about the political priorities in this town. Long running priorities. A business hall at the state university in the middle of town named after one of socialism’s favorite poster children – Harry Bridges. A town and for that matter a good portion of the western part of the state devoted to worshiping Wobblies still goes on. Ask Milo after his attempted speech at the local state university. Some violent events those bastards caused in Washington and still live in admiration of proud union members who extol doing just what Grandpa and Dad stood for. See why Boeing has left for safer ground?

And as far as Boeing et al and the newest tax - Boeing has little of their operation in Seattle anymore. Major assembly here is outside Seattle city limits. Expedia? Still hasn’t moved here from across “The Lake” in the neighboring town of Bellevue. Time will tell. Starbucks? A whore if there ever was one. Got themselves exempted from last year’s Seattle sugary drink tax.

Weyerhauser? What a bunch of dumb shits. Moved their HQ from outside into Seattle a couple of years ago. The next shareholders’ meeting should prove interesting.

Costco? Only one store in Seattle. HQ is intelligenty outside Seattle.

Love watching how the list grows and grows about taxable entities every day. Media makes this all about Amazon. Yes, a $12M tax hit is interesting. However Amazon has, and is, looking at moving “some” operations out of here. Not hard to unplug a computer and plug it in another cubicle in a friendlier area. Have mixed feelings about Amazon. Bezos will pass his costs onto me but love to think about the little giggling bastard having to pay more costs and hopefully divert dollars from The Washington Post.

I have seen Detroit and Seattle is becoming what I've seen.

So there, I could go on and on. But as a resident and taxpayer in Seattle coughing up more and more in new taxes and levies I must adjourn to another tax sitz bath.


I lived in WA in the early 80s before the Calif refugees fled and brought their socialist politics to the PNW. I find it hard to believe that there exits a definitive line between Seattle and King Co politics, but I concede that it's possible. I choose to remember millions of Apple blossoms, a productive Yakima Valley and that little mountain bakery that greeted me as I drove from Richmond to Seattle. Unfair to put a bakery rite at the snow covered peak. Anyway when I see what's happened to the politics of the PNW, one of my favorite areas, it saddens and angers me.


Same problem in Southern California. Homeless tent cities springing up in what were business neighborhoods. Half of these people are mentally ill, and years ago they were housed in mental institutions, but thanks to the ACLU, they were released back into society where the police have to deal with them on a daily basis. Another sizable portion are also addicted to drugs and alcohol. City fathers have no clue what to do, so the problem continues to grow with businesses going out of business because their customers don't like stepping around human feces.


Just gets better by the minute up here. A Sunday afternoon press release. Property owner-built "cottages" in backyards to help alleviate addicted bum aka homeless problems.

It’s not an affordable housing problem. It’s a bum aka “homeless” problem. Interesting how there are signs posted at parks and beaches here warning against feeding birds because it attracts vermin. Only four-legged vermin aren’t acceptable here. Those with two legs get a pass.

Won't be long before it starts looking like the Los Angeles area with all those "granny houses" and converted garages now housing a lot more than grannies.



Ahh but the west coast answer to all the problems listed above is simple. Vote for more dumocrats! They'll let in more and more illegals so what you're seeing today will no longer be an anomaly, it'll be the "new norm". Ain't Marxism great!

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