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May 09, 2018


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He is an enigma, to say the least. He reportedly did some very brave and honorable things while a POW. He was the darling of most everyone when running for Senator. We Republicans were so glad he was on our team. From that he turned to embracing liberal, socialist policies. If not a democrat convert, he was at the least a left wing RINO. In his waning years we've starting hearing negatives, which is the pattern for today's media. Whether true or not, I choose to respect the man who spent years in a Vietnamese torture chamber POW camp. His anger at Trump is understandable considering the insulting comments Trump made during the campaign. The one and only "unforgivable" I attach to the president I proudly voted for.


Trump recognized that McCain was no longer the man he once had been and that he was a disguised enemy of conservative causes. In his fervor Trump went overboard in insulting McCain, but his anger is understandable. McCain is the poster boy of RINOs.


"McCain confirms he gave Comey disputed Trump dossier; doesn't regret it" is a headline from today's news. That was definitely a sneaky, left wing move. McCain was obviously jealous that Trump accomplished what he couldn't.!


McCain – a log that’s long jammed the swamp drain outlet for quite some time.

In his swan song book McCain claims “I agreed to receive a copy of what is now referred to as 'the dossier' ”. Omnipresent news reports at the time from British tabloids – strike that – insert “newspapers” – extolled McCain heard about the screed, became highly aroused and hurriedly dispatched an ally to London to obtain a copy. More like Don Quixote on crystal meth rather than someone agreeing to receive a copy.

How this guy who was massaged and inserted into politics by his convicted felon and Mob-connected father-in-law has ever been considered reputable is beyond me.


Today Senator McCain came out against Gina Haspel being CIA Director. That is a very sexist thing to do! It seems there's all sorts of things we didn't know about McCain.

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